Musician from Morogoro region who does cool off at the moment and his song Today mwanadada Nyange aka Dayna their strict, has opened a call from the veteran musician greeting here Morogoro Afande Sele.
Speaking to  Andish our i   come in Mwanza where he is now in a musical tour of Kala Album launch. Dayna has said he is content to accept his Afande
 '' Indeed always, I have been very Afande sele accepted for his discovery with the message, but for this song  we have brought religion,  I bow my salute. Afande a lump of the artist and his songs tend naskiliza Listen as I know I find a lot of his songs are minerals, but now the older brother he came here for a detailed grasp on this song deserves to be king of Rhyme, who gave the award were wrong. 
Big up to Afande, salute him, he continues to be a teacher of the word, it is more uwimbo national Drawn Speech by the President'' He said Dayna

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