Singer, who is also the boss of the group Mashauzi Classic, Aisha Ramadan Congo 'Mashauzi', last Wednesday was hit by a mob heavy following kudakwa police Center Msimbazi, Dar rumored kukwapua bag with flip of hundred thousand shillings seven thousand fifty-eight hundred two (758,200) belonging to Veronica Tarik.
A source at the center claimed that last Tuesday, Isha Mashauzi and shosti his who was known by the name of Halima Shaban entered one shop Street Mafia and the Wilderness, Kariakoo, Dar aimed at making 'shopping' but they pochomoka, Veronica was surprised kutouona his wallet. Dida at Msimbazi police station for giving guarantees Mashauzi
Veronica had two chase them and kuwadaka Second Quarter and read their suspicions then he asked awasachi on packets they bear but Isha and her partner went on strike, which caused an outbreak of timbwili state claiming she wanted to violate.

After Veronica who was signaling 'already fragile' overwhelmed power, they turned and ran Msimbazi police station where he opened a case of theft by Isha and her shosti MS/RB/4023/2013 file numbers.
Afande center back who took to the streets to hunt down suspected the neighborhood to neighborhood, using new methods and successful agents arrest last Wednesday.
Isha as a signal, his aide have flooded the center, including a host of Times FM Radio Station in the city of Dar, Khadija Shaibu 'Dida' kuwachomoa concerned for the couple.
5:14 at night, signaling they were successful laying heavy bail but trouble on the horizon was time to leave the jail because of Isha signaling realized that journalists were the station environment and modern facilities for capturing their images.
 Isha tried kujibanza within signaling sent a signal but the authors reported that they were lined up outside the center to watch the next day.
After getting the message, Isha was Momoka inmates fastest animal matter and rushed to the car to take while signaling its loandaliwa having cameras capture journalists are supposedly to strike the image.
The next day Thursday, our reporter and Isha spoke by phone to be able to put clear on this saga, but the singer said mbofumbofu.
"You write what you want is not in existence at the station and you beat me pictures, now you want? That is until you have done so duh!Today I believe the writers are not related, "said Isha and disconnect the phone.

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