Musician who shook things in Kenya before conversion to abandon secular music, mwanadada Size 8 now has begun to open centers in interview on various radio and Tv related to new religious life.
Out of all the things that Size 8 has been talking about, is one that has been mean to preoccupy more linamsikitisha ..... This is the loss of virginity HER .....Size 8 is said to media that  "very Najutia lose my virgin., I believe that the boy needs to protect themselves and stop having sex in his youth till they are found favor from God."

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9/12/2013 07:05:01 am

This to her: Take your time everything happens under God's will and sure you really need to know as to which side you really want to belong to! rem you can never belong to both!!..Be where you love being and feel good too!


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