cene of arrest and detention for a Member of Arusha Urban, Godbless Lema (Chadema), on charges of sedition, limeibua new chapter after Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) mentioned that behind this strategy, 
Lema who is still languishing in custody three days after being denied bail, he began undergoing sights on the police force after yesterday morning 's wife barred not leave a toothbrush or tea.
MP he was arrested on the orders of the Regional Commissioner of Arusha, Magesa Mulongo, who claimed that he urged students of the College of Accountancy Arusha lectures leader him and well again his car with stones. 
Yet, one day before the arrest Lema showed reporters news SMS mobile phone was yotumiwa and Mulongo he threatened to opened any case he wishes. 
"Umeruka blacksmith first, I will show that I am the government, the whereabouts I will find and will give you a case I want to me,'' the readable message sent via the phone number 0752 960276 which Lema claimed is Mulungo. 
Also great force used to arrest an MP that night at 5:30 with soldiers and security officers surrounding his house, imehojiwa and some people, they doubt that there are secrets in it. 
Claims Mulongo be Lema incited the students clash with proof video to suggest that the member spent all kinds of influence plead and no after companion, Elly Kago (22), killed by unidentified persons close to campus. 
Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, the wife of Lema, Grace, said that he came to the police station the morning he sent tea, but he explained that he is not allowed to send him tea.
said that he phoned the head of intelligence of the region where he told ampelekee and he came again center soldier who turns began to search the bag of grace to stick, then he ordered Lema be given, except to drink for three minutes.
During opens a bottle of tea and poured into the cup, the soldiers told her that left one minute, step iliyomuudhi Lema claiming is abuse, so he could not drink . 
When he intended to be a toothbrush , the soldiers refused to be the same material can be used as a weapon, it is not allowed to be given.
Tanzania Daima Sunday lilizungumza by several laws and politicians wabobezi about the saga, of which some claimed it is the strategy of CCM to cause sorrow Chadema in elections of councilors next to the county four. 
"Tomorrow you can hear Lema he opened a case of strange fiction and at this time the campaign start to court will ikiisikiliza series that should have the opportunity to participate fully. 
"This strategy is not to Mulongo alone but is a method of CCM remaining to ensure they captured Arusha. But see if they exceeded kujimaliza, "said the politician one who asked preserved his name. 
politician from Arusha Region hinted also the confusion of the National Commission on Election (NEC) recently announcing four wards repeat elections and let one of Sombetini which councilor CCM moved Chadema . 
"Know CCM doing things without measuring the impact, Arusha is a tourist city but is now ogopeka to the violence of the police and politicians, but tomorrow you will see when Lema was taken to court. 
"Here is the stronghold of Chadema even as Lema did not exist, now NEC have simply enshrining Sombetini for fear being cut all moving Chadema will be councilors over CCM, so Nishu mayor rose again, yes they decided to use Mulongo make this game of risk, "he said. 
Alipopigiwa phone yesterday evening and asked about the allegations, Mulongo spoke violently saying: "You're an editor you can me a call asking such a question?" ..
He went on to rap saying: "Let us do everything in politics, you are the police to know Lema why he caught it, I quit I'm with my guests," he said and cut the call. 
Chairman of the Association Lawyers Tanganyika (TLS), Francis Stolla, raised the issue of the arrest of Lema saying that great powers and the procedure used to arrest him was not reasonable. 
Stolla said: "In accordance with section 58 and 59 of the law of evidence, the police or even if it is at the behest of the governor's arrest had to choose another way of insight. 
"army can have broad authority to arrest or even if it is for a court order, to be used wisely. Lema is a member, is well known and its availability is very controversial, is accused of desirable police discretion is used to call or write him go, not kumvizia as they did, "he said. 
Attorney else who asked stored name, he explained that "the President alone Commander. The president is the commander in chief to ugawanyiki border regions. 
"the president is the commander in the constitution, can not be governors or district. Yes he who ordered the police in the region is the commander of the regional police, and the district is the presence of the officer who commanded (OCD), "he said. 
added that the law allows the governor and district issuing orders to arrest someone if there is no soldier but suspect arrested should he be told is arrested for an offense What and who is arrested should introduce. 
said that the day of the event at the university, police were present when Lema speaking to students and did not find any fault him why they did not arrest him, now how can the governor to come to order. 
Referring to the forces involved in the arrest Lema, Chairman of the Council of Young Chadema (BAVICHA) Tanga Region, Aaron Mashuve, he asked the police to focus such in helping people with albinism (albino). 
said such powers as barley killers they would have been arrested instead of the police wasting time struggling with politicians who can not even be called station went willingly. 
At some point, Chadema in Arusha declared Thong accused the head of the province for allegedly threatening legislator them by text message, also asked him to confirm claims that the death of a student has a relationship with political issues. 
Secretary region of the party, Peace Golugwa, said procedures to address both these issues continue under the panel of lawyers of the party.

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