President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday led thousands of Tanzanians in celebration of 49 years of the association held at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam and later forgive prisoners 4180.
 A large number of Tanzanians participated in that celebration which started at 2:30 am and adorned with the parade officially organized by the various forces of defense and security and kupendezeshwa a multitude of students 2695 from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar who performs a wide range of marking the celebration of the union.
 Various officials, including retired from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar took part in these celebrations as a mark of cherish and protect the union.
 These leaders include the President of Zanzibar, Dr Mohamed Shein, Vice President of Tanzania, Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, First Vice-President of Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sharrif Hamad and second Vice-President of Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif Idd.
 Others who attended the celebration that is the retired President of Zanzibar Aman Abeid Karume, former President of the second phase, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, former President of the third phase of the United Republic of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa and prime ministers retired, Edward Lowassa and Frederick Sumaye .
 After officials sit in their positions, the official parade passed practically a ten GAD and pay their respects in front of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.
 Thereafter mass youth expressed different shapes to indicate the progress made in the 49 years since the nation of Tanzania established consisting official before Wanahalaiki organize and display different images to encourage singing coalition.
 However, some opposition leaders were not able to participate in this exhibition.
 The leaders include Chairman of NCCR-Reform Party, James J. Mbatia, Chairman of the Association for Democracy and Development (Chadema), Freeman Mbowe and Chairman of the Association of Citizens (CUF), Professor Ibrahim Lipumba.
 Speaking to journalists after the end of the activities of that celebration, a member of the Central Committee Chadema who is also a member of the Commission on the Reform of the Constitution, Professor Nesiga Baregu said that Tanzanians should be proud of the United fit because it has lasted for 49 years, pointing out that it is very rare to see a country in Africa or Europe to develop a coalition with such a large age of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, then they should cherish and protect the interest of peace at hand.
 Meanwhile, President Jakaya Kikwete has given amnesty to 4,180 prisoners who were serving their sentences in various prisons in the country in celebrating 49 years of integration.
 Prisoners were pardoned is serving imprisonment not exceeding five years, where until the day of forgiveness that is April 26, will have served a quarter of their sentences, prisoners suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis and cancer which are confirmed by a panel of doctors.
Also people aged seventy years or more, female inmates who enter prison pregnant, who came to exploit children and who do not suck, they are disabled.
 Presidential pardon for prisoners may also have physical and mental disabilities and prisoners who until the last day they had languished in prison for five years and have shown good behavior.

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