Traders 'alwatani' Bongo, a resident of Dar, Allain Rich has come under heavy skendo having taken a secondary student to form two 16-year-old.

The sad event took place on Wednesday April 24, this year at number 107 in the motel room called Jamboz available Kinondoni in Dar.
Good point, demonstrated that the incident was a trap after trap the Denti guardians of the businessman contacts in contempt of their daughter. 
In this communication, Rich wanted the secondary Denti existing one Kibamba, Dar (name linahifadhiwa special because of the total professional journalism), meet at the motel for kuimomonyoa sixth commandment.
After the El Dorado caregivers on the phone messages of their daughter, they muwekea patrol would own to know the time approached agreed to meet motel, Denti he died he was going to 'tuisheni'.
With our correspondent as 'stendibai', an act of farewell that time the girl began to show signs of approaching completion caregivers trap.
Our writers were the first to arrive on the scene and kujibanza with pictures of the couple where they witnessed the man he arrives counter and ordering large water and then drink up was spent towards the window of the motel reception.It was alleged that the water he drank a whole bottle to be focused on research for 'gemu' and 'kadenti was accompanied'.
One of our writers and pressed him on the window pretending to room and heard the minister giving him rich and show room number 107 sits.
Suddenly the little girl and she came with a reception where the school uniform he found paparazi kuzuga our continuing quest to better inspect the room before paying.
A few minutes after entering the Rich and Denti-bedroom, one security agent was passed followed by our writer and brother of the Denti where requested to check that there was room for her.
They were legalized and crashed into the room where the family was open, they found the man being naked while being in the process of wear 'protective' or 'love drug' after baby dancing for men.
The event lilivuta emotional feelings for suddenly overflowing crowd in the area while everyone denouncing the practice of family studies and the Denti kumkatishia send motel for sex.
"Imagine you as a parent you paid your child read and then someone else is deliberately replaced motel and take the lessons and not have sex! Truth hurts, every parent wants in tears, "said one of the witnesses of the incident after the emergence of varangati motel there.

For its part, the sisters who taught him the guardian of the Denti (we have a name) found himself caught businessman's hands and raised serious timbwili from planted with incredible fury.

In nikuvute pull, and suddenly the family was able to take to the streets in kuwachoropoka and dashing it to another function to start a pageant re afikishwe to justice.

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