Parish Priest of the Church of RC parish of Ifunda Alphonse Mhamilawa has died in a serious car accident that occurred in the area of Sabasaba Mafinga Mufindi district in Iringa.

Eyewitnesses of the accident have described this network that the accident occurred timing 2 hours the night before today when Priest This was from the region Njombe in activity Burial One of the witnesses the Mr Saugo Ndemo said that the priest he had been driving a small car a Toyota Hilux (Pick Up) with registration number T434 APP belonging to the Church of the Roman Catholic parish of Ifunda. Ndemo said that the cause of the accident is Parish Priest They knocked at the car kind of truck to back up that truck was unable to stand. said that the pastor that he died on the scene after the accident it had his head cracked. One among traffic police who did not want to mention his name not to be chief spokesman for the police said that the cause of the accident is speed. truck also said that the parish priest had to be carried wooden linasadikika They knocked at likivutana with another truck after the accident and was unable to stand.
8/26/2013 02:38:47 pm


ponzian abell
2/25/2015 10:04:00 am

the languege used in this story is very quire try to organise yourself before you write anything


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